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    Generates an email alert when database files are within a specified number of growth events (Available Growth Events Threshold) of the Max File Size or Disk Volume Size Limit. The number of Available Growth Events is determined using:

    [Disk Free Space] / [Autogrowth Increment Size] = [Available Growth Events]


    ([Max File Size] - [Current File Size]) / [Autogrowth Increment Size] = [Available Growth Events]

    zip file contains 3 sql files:

    1. FileGrowthTablesDDL.sql

    2. FileGrowthSP.sql

    3. FileGrowthJob.sql


    2016-08-18 - Creation Date

    2016-09-13 - Bugfix and update alert email format.

    2017-07-22 - Bugfix night mode CSS.

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