Setup Dynamic Tuning for Backups for the Enterprise

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    This code is for creating enterprise-level dynamic tuning settings based off of the resources each server has.  It reads the Servers table and based off of the amount of RAM and CPU available it will insert the appropriate tuning settings for backups.  This is only an example so you should change the settings for your needs, and you can use any criteria available in the system.  This code only looks at RAM and CPU, but you can look at OS, or VM vs physical, or server location, etc.  Use anything at your disposal within the system.

    The point is that you will be able to set this up for hundreds of servers in just a few queries and get your entire shop in order.  You can even set this up as a job to re-evaluate the resources on each server in case they've changed, and have it automatically set the tuning settings based off of the new resources.  This is an excellent way to keep your backups running like a top without having to babysit it yourself.

    No installation.  Simply alter the script to meet your needs and run it inside the Minion DB.

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