In Beta: Health Check for Minion Enterprise!

At the PASS Summit we were thrilled to announce a new feature: Health Check for Minion Enterprise! Minion Enterprise already gathers a ton of information about your servers and SQL Server instances into a central repository, which is perfect for alerting, reporting and configuration. Now, we’re adding standard audits...

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New book: Voices from the Data Platform (Kindle)

Before I even tell you about this book, go get the Kindle version for $10! for free, before the sale ends! (The sale has eneded.) Let Her Finish: Voices from the Data Platform The writing of this book was a collaborative effort taken up by 7 very talented IT professionals. ...

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Which is the performance killer: SELECT INTO or INSERT INTO?

There are many ways to kill performance in a script or stored procedure.  However, not many think about the possibility that adding columns to a temporary table can kill performance.  Here, I’m going to show you how a simple design decision – using INSERT vs ALTER TABLE – can have...

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Protect yourself from Ransomware with Minion Enterprise

Ransomware is becoming a huge problem in the corporate world as more and more companies fall prey to this heinous act of terrorism. One of the biggest disasters that could befall you as a company – or even specifically as a DBA – is to come in one day...

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I’m the new DBA, and I’m locking down development servers

As the new DBA, I'm here to fix things for you. I'm going to take care of the things that keep causing fires and outages and slowdowns....and I'm locking down your dev environment. Here's why.

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We just upgraded the Minion Maintenance suite!

Welcome to the next version of Minion Maintenance! Now you have a single installer for all three modules, plus new features and fixes for the entire backup and maintenance suite!

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Get table properties in Azure SQL Database

Even in Azure SQL Database, you need to know certain things about your tables that can be hard to find. We'll show you how to get that data.

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Pay Yourself First

The biggest problem I see is the huge number of DBAs who have let themselves fall behind. Live in interview mode, and pay yourself first, and you won't fall behind!

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Coding Naked

Let's talk about CASE tools, and why coding for databases without one feels

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Have you met Hiro?

Six things to know about Minion Enterprise: 1. You love T-SQL. 2. ME is an enterprise product. 3. No dropping objects on servers. 4. No event storming. 5. Log everything. 6. And it takes just five minutes.

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