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Download Minion Enterprise 2.2

and we’ll get you a 30 day trial license! That’s about a month to explore everything Minion enterprise has to offer. Put together your list of servers and ME will gather lots of information about them for you. You’ll automatically get disk space tracking, service down alerting, database object scripting for “gold” level servers, centralized user account reporting, and so much more.


MinionwareSales@ will email you about a trial license!


Read the Minion Enterprise instructions and articles on the MinionWare support site! There you’ll find an introduction to the product, top 20 features, quick start, installation, configuration, and much more! Oh, and of course you should check out the ME Features List document, too.





Thanks for your interest!

So here’s what happens next:

1. Confirm

Click the link in the “subscription” confirmation email. We will only use this to contact you about Minion Enterprise, and we don’t do regular recurring email blasts for this list.

2. Download

Download Minion Enterprise 2.2 using the link to the left.

3. License

Email us at with the name of the server on which you’ll install Minion Enterprise. We will get back to you asap with your 30 day trial license.

4. Install

Use the trial license to install Minion Enterprise 2.2. Just follow the instructions in the Minion Enterprise Quick Start article.

5. Enjoy!

We’ll be around Twitter and email for questions and comments. And, we’re happy to schedule a live demo for you!


Okay, take me to the Minion Enterprise 2.2 page.


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