Minion Enterprise Trial Newsletter

This is the 13 part newsletter series for users of Minion Enterprise, the SQL Server management solution.

1 - Index Stats 

In this introductory newsletter:

  • Pointing out what “Quick Start” sections to walk through to complete your ME setup
  • Introducing the Collector schema, which holds all the goodies
  • Your first module: Index Stats, which allows you to research index issues across the whole enterprise


2 - Database Files and Script Schemas

  • The Database Files Module, which you can use for tracking and projecting file growth over time, among other things
  • The Script Schemas Module, which will save you at some point, from objects dropped or modified or somehow lost


3 - Logins module and Clone Users utility

  • The Logins module, which is the basis for a lot of amazing security functionality
  • The Clone Users utility, which makes account creation and management effortless


4 - Schemas in Minion Enterprise, and the Drive Space module

  • Minion Enterprise Schemas, which (as we explain) logically group ME functionality
  • The Drive Space Module, which allows you to deeply customize “drive space is running out” alerts


5 - Service Properties

  • The Service Properties Module, which is super cool. It gathers information on SQL services on all your servers! Service down alert, anyone?


6 - Instance Config

  • The Instance Config Module, which collects and manages sp_configure settings centrally


7 - Error Log Search

  • The Error Log Search Module, which lets you set up error log search terms and find them wherever they occur in your SQL environment


8 - Wait Statistics and FAQ

  • The Wait Statistics Module, which gathers wait stats info for your research and alerting purposes
  • Frequently Asked Questions, which we answer


9 - Databases, and Custom Objects

  • The Database Module, and along with that the New/Retired Database alert
  • Custom Objects, and whether you should create them in ME (spoiler answer: Heck yes.)


10 - Database Properties, and “To Autogrow or Not?”

  • The Database Properties Module, which gets a ton of information, including the date of the last full, log, or differential backup
  • To Autogrow or Not?, which is a blog of Sean’s discussing autogrow, especially in the context of Minion Backup and Minion Enterprise


11 - Objects, Tables, and Columns (and top 20 features!)

  • The Objects, Tables, and Columns modules, which are three separate but similar modules that collect data on…can you guess what?
  • Top 20 Features, which is a pretty subjective, but pretty good, list


12 - AD Group Members and Login Access Method Audit utility

  • The AD Group Members Module, with which you can audit your servers, see who has access where, and on and on
  • Utility: Login Access Method Audit, which shows you how users are gaining access to SQL, and whether they are getting in through multiple methods


13 - Last week!! Work like a DBA

This last newsletter explains why “Work like a DBA” is the ME motto, and introduces you to the idea of the set-based enterprise.


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