Minion Enterprise: SQL Version Number Update

Minion Enterprise gives you the ability to see what version of SQL Server each instance is on, and also what version they SHOULD be on. In this post, we explain the SQL Version table and how to update it.

From time to time MinionWare sends out updates to the SQL Server version table. This has no effect on the system as a whole, and is safe to run. The update is sent in clear text so you’ll be able to inspect the statements being run.

What is the SQL Version table?

Minion Enterprise gives you the ability to not only see what version of SQL Server you’re on, but also what version you should be on. We accomplish this by keeping an updated version table that contains the latest SQL Server CUs, security updates, service packs, and hotfixes. So now you can easily see how far behind you are on patches, and even setup alerts to let you know when you’re too far behind. This feature is a fabulous way to keep track of SQL Server patches across your entire enterprise, and not just a server at a time.

Download and more information

See the official SQL Version Number Update page for the SQL Version Number Update download, and for more information, including sample queries.