Minion Suite

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Minion Suite

The suite of Minion tools is made up of Minion Enterprise – the full suite of SQL Server enterprise management modules – and three free, standalone modules for SQL Server backup and maintenance - Minion Reindex, Minion Backup, and Minion CheckDB.   These three free modules are standalone – these don’t have a central repository.

Minion Enterprise

Minion Enterprise is an enterprise management solution for centralized SQL Server management and alerting. In short, you install “ME” on an instance, add the names of servers to manage, and Minion Enterprise begins taking care of business. It collects a vast array of data, scripts out database objects, implements service down alerts, and much more. ME accomplishes all this without dropping one object on any of the managed servers, which makes upgrades extraordinarily easy. This solution allows your database administrator to manage an enterprise of one, hundreds, or even thousands of SQL Servers from one central location, and it ties in with the other Minion modules. Minion Enterprise provides not just alerting and reporting, but backups, maintenance, configuration, and enforcement. Minion Enterprise includes and centralizes all of the other Enterprise modules:

Each one of these modules can be purchased individually, or together as Minion Enterprise. Sign up for a free 90 day trial on the Minion Enterprise page.

Highlights PDF | Video Tutorials | Support

Minion Reindex

Minion Reindex is a SQL Server index maintenance solution that is fully automated out of the box, intuitive to use, simple to customize, deeply configurable, and easy to report from. Existing index maintenance solutions fall short in ease of deployment, configurability, reporting, and more. We designed Minion Reindex for database administrators, to solve every one of these headaches.

Download | Highlights PDF | Video Tutorials | Help: DOCX|PDF|RTF (zip)

Minion Backup

minion-backupMinion Backup is the new standard in SQL Server backup solutions. We have developed it to be the most comprehensive and flexible backup solution on the market. MB is fully HA/DR enabled and has many features that help you manage, plan, troubleshoot, and report on all your backups. And it does it without any extra jobs. And when coupled with Minion Enterprise, MB provides unprecedented management, control, planning and reporting. Watch the intro webinar to see what Minion Backup can do for you.

Download | Highlights PDF | Video Tutorials | Help: DOCX | PDF | RTF (zip)

Minion CheckDB

We’re looking forward to completing and releasing a DBCC CheckDB module for Minion. We’ll keep you posted.