New book: Voices from the Data Platform (Kindle)

Before I even tell you about this book, go get the Kindle version for $10! for free, before the sale ends! (The sale has eneded.)

Let Her Finish: Voices from the Data Platform

The writing of this book was a collaborative effort taken up by 7 very talented IT professionals.  – From the book description

Melody Zacharias, Clearsight Solutions partner and Regional Mentor for PASS Canada, gathered up a group of data professional women – including MinionWare’s own Jen McCown – and put together a book. SentryOne partnered with the group to get the book edited and published, and now it’s out!

Women are interrupted at a far higher frequency than men. One of the bigger reasons for the book was to give women an uninterrupted forum to say, in their own words, what they want about technology or career. (Funny enough, we all chose to talk about our favorite technical subjects! -Jen) The result is a book full of excellent information, in seven unique, uninterrupted voices.

“Data Platform” Chapters

  1. Azure Data Catalog
  2. Biml for Beginners: Script and Automate SSIS Development
  3. Care and Feeding of a SQL Server
  4. Indexing for Beginners
  5. Data Visualization in Power BI
  6. Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan
  7. Using Extended Events to figure out why an Application is Slow

Remember to get the Kindle version for free, before time runs out!


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