Free Minion Enterprise licenses for PASS Summit attendees!

PASS Summit attendees automatically win three free licenses of Minion Enterprise, a $4,500 value!

The Deal

You get three free licenses. They’re yours forever.

Our business model is to give away more software than we sell.  We started out by giving away our world-class maintenance tools, Minion Backup and Minion Reindex (and soon, Minion CheckDB), and we’ve committed our company to making them better and better.

We want everyone to get their hands on the only product that turns your shop into a set-based enterprise, so it’s time to give away Minion Enterprise licenses.

The Rules

1.One offer per company. It’s great that there are five DBAs on your team, but MyCo, Inc. will have to rely on a measly three free licenses, not 15. We’re generous…not crazy.
2.You can’t have won free licenses from us before. It’s fine if you’ve had a trial, but if you won at a SQL Saturday, or for our birthday giveaway or something, you’re ineligible.
3.This includes three months of support. Upgrades aren’t included. After three months, you can purchase support if you like. Or not, and you can rely on the fairly excellent documentation and asking us questions on Twitter method. The product’s pretty easy to handle, once you get to know it a little.
4.We need some information from you to get you the license. Fill out the form below, please.

That’s it, actually.

The Form

How about some free licenses?
How about some free licenses?