PASS Summit 2015 Insiders

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Thanks for dropping by the MinionWare booth!

PASS Summit 2015 is done and gone, but the memories – and the recordings, and stickers, and all the rest – will remain for all time.  Well, more or less.  We had a good time talking at the MinionWare booth, and we appreciate you letting us scan your badge. (In addition to being good for marketing, it’s actually way more fun than it should be.) This page is for you, oh mighty conference wanderer.  We have been to the rainy city and back again, and now that you’re here: read, click, download, recover.

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minion enterprise-01SQL Server Management

Adding Minion Enterprise to any environment is like adding 100 DBAs to your team. Good DBAs, the kind that save you tons of time and do cool projects in their spare time. ME, as we affectionately call it, centrally manages your environment and provides you with masses of data, views, reports, alerting and more.

You can get a free 90 day trial, watch the introduction and tutorial videos, and take a look at the highlight sheet and documentation on the ME page.

Outstanding Backup and Maintenance

Our Minion Backup and Minion Reindex modules are free, deeply impressive solutions for SQL Server. Check out each one and download on their respective pages.

Consulting and Training

Check out our consulting services at We’ve got tons of free tutorials on

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Follow up on Summit Sessions

The PASS Summit has several recordings available online on the PASS TV page, including the two keynote sessions, and sessions by Ryan Adams, Gail Shaw, Kendra Little, Itzik Ben-Gan, Jason Brimhall, and more.

Random Advice Time: DBAs know that study is vital…especially now that SQL Server seems to be on a 2 year release cycle. We have a bit of advice that we give in our professional development sessions: pay yourself first. You can fit study into your daily routine, simply by setting aside the first 20 minutes each day.

If you want the full set of conference sessions, you can buy them for a significant discount (as an attendee). If you can convince your company to get the sessions, you can set up a simply outstanding weekly lunch-and-learn with em!

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Get into the SQL Community

You might have noticed that there was a lot going on at the Summit, even outside the session rooms. People in the SQL community are close, and they stay involved in a number of ways. Virtual Chapters – PASS virtual chapters meet regularly online to teach about a number of subjects. Pick your favorite categories on the virtual chapter page.

User Groups – You can get involved live and in person at your local PASS chapter.

Twitter – Pick almost any speaker, author, MVP or MCM and Google their name plus “Twitter“. Follow. Enjoy. Oh, and watch the #sqlhelp hashtag for SQL Server tech related questions and answers.

Blogs – Again, Google a name plus “blog”, and enjoy. Some of the more noteworthy blogs:

Allan Hirt, SQLHA Consulting

Allen White, UpSearch

Andy Leonard, Andy Leonard Consulting

Bob Ward, Microsoft Customer Service and Support

Cindy Gross

David Klee, Heraflux

Denny Cherry, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Grant Fritchey, Redgate Software

Itzik Ben-Gan, SolidQ

Jason Brimhall, SQL Solutions Group

Jennifer McCown, MidnightSQL Consulting / MinionWare

Kalen Delaney, SQL Server Magazine

Rob Farley, Lobster Pot Solutions

Ryan Adams, Verizon

Sean McCown, MidnightSQL Consulting / MinionWare

Steve Jones, Redgate

Thomas LaRock, SolarWinds

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Stay in Touch

Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on MinionWare and the MidnightDBAs.  We’ll also be around Twitter  (@MidnightDBA and @KenpoDBA) and email for questions and comments. And, we’re happy to schedule a live Minion Enterprise demo for you!


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